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  1. Janice Jackson

    Great bible study tonight pastor. Thanks again for calling me this week. I Learned something new about Jesus and his family members. His brother Jude was a servant believer and follower of Jesus. Response to the call of God. His Mercy, Peace and Love.

  2. David Cruz Jr

    Thank you Pastor for all you do for all of your church members and throughout this community, God Bless you God will get us through this. The song says “This is only a test”

  3. Charles People's

    Thank you Pastor for the word today

  4. Mrs. Johnnie Jackson

    Good Morning Pastor, First Lady and Church,
    This is Donna Jones Sister Johnnie Long Jackson. My husband Raymond D. Jackson Ret. Marine Corp. We enjoy your Services on Live Stream. I want to thank you all for the support you give to Donna and Family. It means a lot to Donna Family in North Carolina, I had the pleasure of meeting you and the Church Family about 3 years ago. GOD Is Good. I would like for you to keep Raymond and Johnnie Jackson in Prayer, Thank You, and May GOD continue to Bless You. Amen


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